Every day at Tri Q Crossfit we seek to recognize the hard work and determination that our members bring to our community. But once a month we give special recognition to one athlete in particular who stands out, this is a honor given to one athlete by the rest of the gym who votes every month for that one person. So here is our first Athlete of the Month profile for the month of April: Megan Choszczyk

How long have you been Crossfitting? “Officially” since August 2013 (that’s when we joined a Crossfit gym. We were doing “Crossfit” inspired workouts on our own for several months before that)


What is you favorite movement? And workout? Why? Probably power clean because I have improved my technique and have seen my “PR” improve pretty substantially. I really like workouts with heavy weights and complexes….(or rather I love to hate them??) These are the really challenging workouts for me and the ones that I really have to give up everything I have to complete them. You get a certain kind of satisfaction when you complete workouts like that.


What inspired you to start Crossfit? My sister. She’s always been athletic; an all star in high school, ran track and cross county in college, and starting doing Crossfit about a year and a half ago. She knew I had just transitioned from long distance running to “powerlifting” and body building type exercises and was concerned with losing body fat and getting stronger. She mentioned something to me about it and said I would probably like it. When I started incorporating Crossfit into my current strength training program I started seeing improvements in my strength and overall fitness levels almost immediately.


What do you Crossfit for? At the root of my reasoning for doing Crossfit is obviously for fitness. I’ve been interested in fitness and nutrition for about a decade and love learning more about my body, how it functions, and what it is capable of through training and proper diet. I have put my body through some unhealthy crap and I have not always been so dedicated or really even cared what I was doing to myself. I can honestly say that through Crossfit and strength training I have finally been able to make peace with my body and appreciate it for more than just what it looks like—it’s a f@$%ing machine!


What would you say to someone who is new to crossfit? Don’t quit. You will want to; you will be sore, you will hurt in places you didn’t think you could, you will get frustrated learning new skills, you will easily come up with excuses to why you can’t/shouldn’t continue dong Crossfit. For many people I think it’s probably the most physically intense thing they’ve done. I also think it has the potential to be the most rewarding. Crossfit is not just a fitness or exercise routine; it’s a community, a family. I also think that if the correct emphasis is placed on improved work capacity, functionality, and overall fitness it changes you mentally. Maybe you start Crossfit because you want to lose weight or improve your endurance, but I guarantee your body awareness and self esteem is also improved.


What is you favorite thing about being a member at Tri Q? The sense of community. I think most members are genuinely happy and excited when other members hit PR’s or improve on their time or get their first muscle up/double under/RX a workout for the first time. I’ve made more friends through being a member at TriQ in a few short months than I did within a year of living in the area. (We moved here from Ohio a couple years ago.) I really care about my friends at TriQ and am inspired to see their progress and ecstatic when they hit milestones or accomplish something they never thought possible.


Time for your acceptance speech… we wont play you off with music.

 I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing individuals. I am excited to see our gym grow and our members to continue becoming even more badass! Thanks guys for voting me athlete of the month, I’m truly honored!

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