CrossFit (CF) Classes

Each of our CF Classes are set to be 60 minutes long. One of our certified coaches will start by warming everyone up. Some warm ups will be focused on skill and form and others on mobility. They then will review any and all skills and movements that are needed for the workout of the day (wod). Do not worry if there is something listed that you are not sure of or may not be able to perform. All movements can be modified to meet your medical or physical needs.These classes are full of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements brought out through our specific programming here at TriQ CrossFit.  This class is designed for any age and any fitness level. If you are not a member and would like to join in on one of our classes, that is no problem, just call us for details and we can get you all set up. If this is your first time to TriQ CrossFit we you MUST email us through the contact page or call ahead, at that point we will have a short Q&A to see if you need to attend our beginners classes. If we feel you need to attend the beginners class we can then set you up for that as well.

Personal Training

We also offer personal training outside of our CrossFit classes. These sessions can be any where from 30-90 minutes long based on your preference. These sessions are designed around the individuals fitness goals and needs. These one on one sessions offer you the specific attention you may desire. Personal training sessions are open to all TriQ CrossFit members and nonmembers. There is an additional fee for members as well. Please call us or contact any of our coaches if you are interested in personal training.

New To CrossFit:On-

         Ramp Coarse:


We at TriQ CrossFIt have put together a specialized program for all new members of our box. No matter if you have done CrossFit in the past or have never done it in your life; you must complete this program. If you are familiar with CrossFit and feel this is not needed then you can test out of it at anytime. It will only take about 15 minutes to test out if you feel you would like to skip this step. Upon calling us we will get you set up to take our Ramp-On Program with one of our certified CrossFit coaches. This class runs every week and can be worked into your schedule. Not sure if you missed it or not, just call or email us and we will get you in as soon as we can! Each class in this program will last about one hour and run you through the basic fundamentals of CrossFit. Every individual person id different and this class is designed for that. Some people test out in just one or two sessions, some people take 4-6. We will work with you until you are ready for regular classes. This class will not exceed 6 sessions unless you and the coach agree to take it further. We just want you to be comfortable with the movements. Please see our schedule and contact us to reserve your spot as soon as possible. If you have any questions about our gym, our classes or our coaches we will gladly answer them. Call and set up a meeting today. Familiar with CrossFit, just drop into any class you see on the schedule. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

*Note that our hours are not like normal office hours. If you would like to just drop by we more then encourage it. Just call first because there may not be anyone in the building between the hours of 11PM and 5PM. That is the time slot that our coaching staff is ‘Out to lunch’ so to speak.  Nine out of ten times someone will be in the building. We just don’t want anyone to drive out here only to be met by a locked unlit gym.